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American Jewish Historical Society: Archival material includes Document 9528, the incorporation papers of the Skalar Ladies Aid Society (1919).

American Jewish Year Book 1907-1908: Under "Mutual Benefit Societies" is a listing for the "Skalar Benevolent Association, known in Yiddish as Skala Untershtitzungs Verein and sometimes called Skalar Benevolent Society."

Gottesfeld, Chone, Tales of the Old World and the New (Thomas Youseloff Publisher, New York, 1964) [a translation of a Skala native's memoirs, which first were published in Yiddish in the Jewish Daily Forward].

Gottesfeld, Chone, Vos Ich Gedenk fun Mein Lebn (What I Remember of My Life) [memoirs in the original Yiddish].

Greenberg, Molly and Rosalie, Secrets in the Suitcase: Stories My Mother Never Told Me, the story of an orphan in Skala who survived the Holocaust by pretending she was not Jewish.

Heller, Fanya Gottesfeld, Strange and Unexpected Love: A Teenage Girl's Holocaust Memoirs (Ktav Publishing, New Jersey, 1993) [How a Skala native survived during the Holocaust].

Heller, Fanya Gottesfeld, Learn about the movie: Teenage Witness: The Fanya Gottesfeld Heller Story.

Heller, Fanya Gottesfeld, From Skala to Ramat Gan: An Educational Journey (Ishah ba-Yahadut) (Faculty of Jewish Studies, Bar-Ilan University (January 1, 1998). Currently Out of Print.

Pinkas ha-Kehillot (Skala), Encyclopedia of Jewish Communities: Poland, Volume II, pages 395-400 (Yad Vashem, Jerusalem) (translated by Skala Research Group member Lancy Spalter ).

Sefer Skala (Skala Benevolent Society, New York and Tel Aviv, 1978) [the Skala Yizkor Book, with chapters written in English, Hebrew, and Yiddish and, in English, a list of martyrs and survivors from the town].

Skala Benevolent Society Collection at YIVO [Record Group 1039: An extensive collection of photographs and documents relating to Skala].

Skala on the Border (Skala Benevolent Society, New York, 2001) [a videotape containing photographs of Skala and remembrances of Holocaust survivors from Skala].

Tracy (born Brandes), Abraham, To Speak for the Silenced (Dvorah Publishing Company, 2007) [the story of a Holocaust survivor from Skala, with details of daily life in the shtetl before and after the war].

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