Skala and the International Zionist Movement (Application)

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It is my wish to join your association as a (regular) (non-regular) member and I take it upon myself to pay the sum of 30.00 zloty per year. As an advance payment on that sum, I am presently paying the sum of 7.50 zloty and I will pay the outstanding balance in 3 installments of 7.50 (per month), (per quarter), (per half-year).

In the city of Skala, day 21, month 8, year 1938. Signature: Moses and Leiser Wasserman, Skala Podolska.

Document brought to our attention by Anatolie Didyk and posted courtesy of Routes to Roots Foundation, Inc., Secaucus, NJ. Source: Fond 335, Central State Historical Archives of Ukraine in Lviv
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