The Family of Zalman Hausner

by Tony Hausner
Great-grandson of Zalman Hausner

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Zalman Hausner
 Zalman Hausner was born in 1862 in Borschov. He was the son of Mordko Aron Hausner and Beila Riwka Leissner and the grandson of Osias Hausner. 
Chaje Hausner

In the 1880s, Zalman married Chaje Wilzce Wechsler from Mielnica. They moved to Skala, where Zalman ran a general merchandise store that specialized in fabrics for clothing. He was an orthodox Jew and was known as a tzaddik.

Zalman Hausner's store in Skala

Between 1888 and 1902, Zalman and Chaje Wilzce had nine children, two of whom died as infants. The seven who survived to adulthood were: Phillip, Leah, Maltze, Eisig (Ernest}, Meir Chaim (Uzie), Szmil Moses (Moshe), and Mordko Aron. [See the letter from Moshe Hausner to his brother Uzzie.]

Standing from left to right: Mordko Aron, Eisig (Ernest), Meir Chaim (Uzie),Szmil Moses (Moshe).
Seated: Maltze Hausner Zimmerman, Philip Hausner, Leah Hausner Heimann.

Phillip died in his 20s, while Uzie, Moses, Mordko Aron, and Uzie’s son, Fred, all died in the Holocaust. Uzie and Fred perished in the Warsaw ghetto, Moses in Borschov, and Mordko Aron died somewhere in Russia.

Leah married Karl Heimann. They moved to Vienna and then emigrated to the United States in 1939. Leah and Karl had three daughters: Zita, Anni, and my mother, Betty.

Ernest moved to Vienna, married Mimi Segal, and had a daughter Evelyn. Ernest and his family emigrated to New York in 1940 and he became an active member of the Skala Benevolent Society. His daughter Evelyn married Leonard Lauder and had two sons, William and Gary.

Maltze married Samuel Zimmerman and they moved to Israel prior to the Holocaust. They had three children: Sally, Munio, and Regina.

Grave of Chaje Wilzce Hausner
in Skala's Jewish Cemetery
 Chaje Wilzce had died in 1921. Sometime thereafter, Zalman married a woman whose name is not known. In 1939, Zalman and his second wife were sent to Siberia (we do not know why), where he died in 1944 from starvation and cold. His wife survived and moved to Israel after the war. . 
Zalman Hausner
in his seventies

Tony Hausner, author of this article, is a great-grandson of
Zalman Hausner and leader of the Skala Research Group.

For more information about the family tree of Zalman Hausner, contact Tony Hausner

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