Wiesenthal Relatives from Skala who Perished in the Holocaust

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FEIVISH WIESENTHAL (born 1885; son of Hersh Eliyah Wiesenthal and Ethel Weissman) with his son ALTER WIESENTHAL (born ca. 1923) and daughter ETHEL WIESENTHAL (born ca. 1922). Feivish, his wife CHANA WIESENTHAL (born ca. 1886), and their children were deported to the Borszczow ghetto, where all but Alter perished in 1943. Alter escaped to the Skala forest and then hid in Skala, where he died of starvation.
SOLOMON (SHLOMO) WIESENTHAL (born ca. 1913; son of Feivish and Chana Wiesenthal). An ardent Zionist, Shlomo never had the chance to make aliyah. He died in the Borszczow ghetto in 1943.
Family of CHANA WIESENTHAL HERZOG (born 1883; daughter of Hersh Eliyah Wiesenthal and Ethel Weissman). Left to right (front row): Chana's husband, YITZCHAK HERZOG, her father HERSH ELIYAH WIESENTHAL, CHANA; (back row): the Herzog children -- FEIGA HERZOG LEVIT (born ca. 1910), TUVIYA HERZOG (born ca. 1908), LEAH HERZOG HAUSNER (born ca. 1913), RACHEL HERZOG (born ca. 1915). Hersh Eliyah died before the war. The rest of Chana's family, including Feiga's husband YAKOV LEVIT (not pictured), were murdered in Belzec in 1942. Leah's husband MECHAL HAUSNER (not pictured) survived the war as a slave laborer and made aliyah.
Family of MARYAM WIESENTHAL SHTERN (born 1899; daughter of Zechariyah Wiesenthal and Bertha Schwartzbach). Maryam's husband, ADOLF (ABISH) SHTERN (born ca. 1900) is holding their daughter ROZA SHTERN (born ca. 1922). MARYAM is holding their son MAX SHTERN (born ca. 1925). The Shterns were deported to Tluste, where they perished in 1943.
Family of ESTHER WIESENTHAL GOTTESFELD (born 1869; daughter of Leah and Josef Leib Wiesenthal). Left to right: DORA GOTTESFELD, ESTHER WIESENTHAL GOTTESFELD, JOSEF GOTTESFELD (born 1906). When the Nazis were approaching Skala, Esther and her family fled to Lvov, where they subsequently perished. Dora and Josef had a baby (name unknown), who also died in the Holocaust.
Family of MALKA WIESENTHAL GRINOVEZER (born ca. 1889; daughter of Meier Wiesenthal and Sura Bleier). Left to right: Malka's son AVRAHAM GRINOVEZER (born ca. 1917), MALKA, her daughter LEAH GRINOVEZER (born 1909), her husband MECHAL GRINOVEZER. Leah made aliyah in the 1930s. The rest of the Grinovezers died in the Holocaust.
ZECHARIYAH WIESENTHAL (born ca. 1870; son of Leah and Josef Leib Wiesenthal) and his wife BERTHA (BRUCHA) SCHWARTZBACH WIESENTHAL (born ca. 1871) were deported to Tluste, where they perished in 1943. Their son MOSHE EFRAIM (MORRIS) WIESENTHAL (born 1902) emigrated to New York in 1930.

By Helene Kenvin

Impoverished streets were filled with mud
amidst the stones awash with blood
those towns of shame, of decadence,
whose people butchered innocents.
Zechariyah's family died in Tluste
in Belzec Chanshe turned to dust
Feivish in Borsov was slain
Alter starved, his fate too plain
Feiga, Malka, Rachel, Esther
each died without God to bless her
Nusya murdered in the wood
Monya shot before he could
escape to live the days he earned
and so our family tree was burned
by monsters who used every ploy
to slaughter, plunder, and destroy.
We learned our kin's sad history
and scored a painful victory
for bones alone in unmarked ground
were rescued as each one was found
ensuring them the sacred fame
who perished for the Holy Name.

1998 Helene Schwartz Kenvin

Family of SHEINZIE RUCHEL SCHRENZEL FINKEL (born 1886; daughter of Hudya (Baba) Wiesenthal and Meshullem Schrenzel). Left to right: RUCHEL, her husband DOV FINKEL, their son SHIMSHON FINKEL. The Finkels' daughter SARA (born 1912) made aliyah in the 1930s. Ruchel, Dov, and Shimshon perished in 1943.

MOSES EFROIM MENCHEL (born 1880; son of Maryam Wiesenthal and Mendel Menchel) and his wife RIVKA MENCHEL died in Skala in 1942, perhaps in the September, 1942 aktion.

DAVID SCHRENZEL (born 1891; son of Hudya (Baba) Wiesenthal and Meshullem Schrenzel), his son MUNIO SCHRENZEL (born ca. 1923) and daughter NUSIA (NUCHA) SCHRENZEL (born ca. 1929). David died in the Borszczow ghetto in 1943. His wife YEHUDIT SCHRENZEL, their son Munio (then aged 20), and daughter Nusiya (then aged 14) went into hiding in the Skala forest. Munio was discovered and shot by German soldiers in September, 1943. In the winter of 1943-44, Nusiya died in Yehudit's arms, of starvation. Yehudit survived the war and emigrated to Canada.

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