A Skala Native Emigrates to New York
The Story of Schaie (Charles) Weingast

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Schaie (Charles) Weingast's story and documents are typical of an emigré from Skala to America in the early 20th century. He was born in Skala in 1886, the son of Avraham Weingast and Sophie Schwarzbach. Family lore has it that he emigrated from Skala because he was afraid that he was going to be forced into the army. This travel document was issued to Schaie Weingast in 1904, the year he left Skala.
Schaie left Europe via Rotterdam on the SS Staatendam. He arrived in New York on February 17, 1904. According to this "Certificate of Admission of Alien" dated 1911, Schaie was a tinsmith who was joining his brother in New York. In 1911, he was living at 107 Rivington Street in lower Manhattan.
Schaie Americanized his name to Charles. He became a naturalized American citizen in 1911.
Charlie Weingast was an active member and officer of the Skala Benevolent Society. Charles married Sossie (Sophie) Wasserman, a cousin whom he knew from Skala. Sossie, who was born in Skala in 1887, was the daughter of Mordkho Wolf Wasserman and Freida Weingast. This photo of Charles and Sophie was taken in New York in 1913.

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