Wartime Relief for Skala Residents

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This postcard, sent to a relief committe in Geneva, acknowledges receipt of “the package of food products that you sent me.” It is postmarked March 25, 1942 and has two stamps, April 7 and April 9, 1942, perhaps indicating receipt by the Geneva office.

The postcard also is stamped CZORTKOV JUDENRAT (the Jewish Council of Chortkov), so apparently was processed by this committee of Jews that was established by the Nazis to carry out their orders relating to Jewish matters in the occupied territories.

The signature on the postcard is “Yetti Melzer, Skala Podolska, Galician District.” The package of food almost certainly was sent to Mrs. Melzer at the behest of her son, who was studying medicine in Switzerland at this time. Within months of mailing this postcard, Yetti Melzer was deported to Borszczow. The List of Martyrs in the Skala yizkor book notes that she perished in Borszczow in 1942, at the age of 55. Her son emigrated to America, where he practiced medicine.

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