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These links will take you to sites relating to video interviews with people who survived the Holocaust and who have Skala connections and documents pertinent to Skala during the Holocaust.

  1. USC SHOAH FOUNDATION at The foundation has more than 54,000 interviews of Holocaust survivors. You must create an account in order to access them. Most of these videos can be seen only at one of the 142 centers that are part of the USC Shoah system. [See]. Some information can be seen on the Internet.

    1. These people who were born in Skala and survived the Holocaust in Skala gave video-taped interviews about their experiences during the War.

       Susan Schwarzbach Karpfen (photo right)
      Annette Hersher
      Rene Tabak Zuroff
      Michael Edelstein (photo left)
      Malcia Stock Rothstein
      Sam Greenberg

    2. These people were not born in Skala, but spent time there during the Holocaust and spoke about this when they were interviewed:

    Leszek Allerhand
    [This video, which is in Polish, can be seen on your home computer.
    However, in order to access it, you must set up an account.]
    Leslie [born Radnai] Radnay
    Tsvi Zelikovits Frida Lebart Shafran.

    Currently, there are two versions of the Visual History Archive. The public version, VHAOnline, is accessible on the Internet and is fully searchable; however, only 3000+ testimonies are available for viewing. The full archive, with over 54,000 testimonies, is available at 142 subscribing sites throughout the world. See:

    Tony Hausner has created a shared project which has all the above recordings linked in. Once you have created an account, go to


    The following people have made videotapes for the Yale archive. These videos are available at 38 partner organizations. See Accesss Sites 

    Max Mermelstein (photo left)
    Joseph and Rena Gottesfeld Schenley (photo center)
    Fanya Gottesfeld Heller (photo right)


    The Center's online catalog includes the Skala yizkor book that was published in 1978 and the 2010 English translation of the Skala yizkor book (which it plans to place online as a pdf file in the future).  The Center also has a video interview of Tony Hausner, in which Tony discusses his work with the Skala Research Group and aspects of his family's history.  

  4. THE US HOLOCAUST MUSEUM has this material of interest to Skala researchers:

    Jane Ponczek photographs

    Max Mermelstein papers
    [Chapter in Skala yizkor book]

    The Museum also has information on the following people who are Skala-connected:

    Maria Zofia Sikorowska (Kołodziej)
    Benjamin Weinraub
    Marja Józefczyk
    Anna Friedman
    Meir Bitterman Feuerstein
    Fajga Biłgoraj

    These links to the Museum's collection have information connected to Skala: These documents relate to the killing and deportation of the population of Skala Joseph and Renata S. Holocaust testimony (HVT-583) interviewed by Livia Mallon and Kathy Strochlic. This relates to people who were not born in Skala, but spent time there during the Holocaust.

    Fanya H. Holocaust testimony (HVT-810) interviewed by Dana L. Kline This provides further details about the interview of Fanya Gottesfeld Heller in the Yale University Fortunoff Archive.

    Joseph and Renata S. Holocaust testimony (HVT-583) interviewed by Livia Mallon and Kathy Strochlic. This provides details about the video interview of Joseph and Rena Gottesfeld Schenley in the Yale University Fortunoff Archive.

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