Skala: Summer 2007

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These photographs were taken by a tourist from the Russian city of Krasnoarmeisk (Moscow oblast) who visited Skala in the summer of 2007. After viewing them, a Holocaust survivor from Skala commented that “all of the buildings in the center of town were once occupied by Jews” The Skala native also noted that it is apparent from the photographs that major restoration of churches and other buildings in Skala has taken place within the past few years.

The main street of Skala
The former police station
A retirement home opposite
the post office
A retirement home, opposite
the monument to Soviet soldiers

The monument to Soviet soldiers
who fell in World War II
A house in the center of
town, now a store
The former Polish Community
Center, now the town library
“Zbruch” grocery store

A café in town
Canning factory
A street parallel to
Skala's main street
A street parallel to
Skala's main street

House in Skala
House in Skala
House in Skala
House in Skala

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