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Haifa, 17 March, 1938
To the Jewish Agency in Israel
Immigration Department

The undersigned is approaching you about the following matter: I am now a resident of Haifa, a laborer in "Shemen" [a factory] a permanent worker, a member of the Labor Movement in Israel. [I was] born in Poland in the city of Skala, was active overseas for twelve years in different national movements such as the Labor Movement in Israel. I participated in training for Ha-Chalotz [and] I was first in line to receive a second-rate certificate in our city. I am 34 years old. In 1934, the Chalutz [Pioneer] Movement organized emigration under the name "Kfar Saba" and I emigrated on the boat "Valos." For all this time, I have been an illegal immigrant. From the day I emigrated, I lived with the hope that the Movement would take care of my legal residency in Israel and, to my great sorrow, as of today nothing has been done.

I left overseas an elderly mother and a bride. I was planning to get married a week after I left, but the departure was so sudden that I did not have the time to take care of this matter. I approached the organizers with a request to add [my fiancee] to the list of immigrants, but I received a negative reply. When I emigrated I had thought of living in a kibbutz, but I was forced to stay in the city so that I could support my elderly mother and my bride. As of today, I am sending them money each month according to my ability, to help them with their existence. The matter of my marriage to the young woman is upin the air. Until today, I live with the hope that the situation finally will change and that I will be able to bring her to me. I know that the Jewish Agency helped my friend Rosenberg from Haifa, who emigrated with me to a cousin who also is a laborer in "Shemen."

Accordingly, I am asking the Jewish Agency to look into my difficult situation and enable me to bring my mother and my bride to Haifa, so I can take care of my marriage and will not have to send money overseas. I hope to receive a positive reply to my request.

My address: The Workers Kitchen, Haifa

Best regards,
Shraga Gottesfeld

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