Martef Ha-Shoa Close-Up

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The translation of the plaque dedicated to the martyrs of Skala in the Martef Ha-Shoa [Holocaust Cellar] in Jerusalem is:

MEMORIAL to the memory of those martyred from the city of Skala on the River Zbrucz in Galitsia in eastern Poland who gave up their souls, martyred in the name of Israel* in the years of the Nazi Holocaust [Hebrew years] 1941-1944 The day of remembrance for the martyred ones noted above, is 22 Tishri May their souls be bound up in eternal life.

*The literal translation is that they gave up their souls for the sanctification of the name of Israel; but kiddush Ha-Shem means "martyrdom." The author of this memorial stresses the Jewish or Israel [as in am yisrael, “people of Israel”] aspect of their martyrdom.

Translation courtesy Martha Lev-Zion. Photograph courtesy Max Mermelstein.
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