Yankel (Jacob) Wiesenthal, son of Hersh Eliyah Wiesenthal and Ettel Weisman, was born in Skala in 1891. When he was a young boy, his father lost his job; so Jacob helped to support his family by working for an egg dealer. He emigrated to America in October, 1909 [see Journey to America], became a butter and egg dealer, and eventually was a member of the New York Produce Exchange. Jacob joined the Skala Benevolent Society a few months after his arrival in New York. During 72 years as a devoted member of the Society, he was several times its President. He held other offices and was chairman of numerous committee, including banquet Arrangement Committees and Relief Committees. He died in Florida in 1982 and is buried next to his wife Ida in the Skala plot in Mt. Hebron Cemetery.

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