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Jewish Records Indexing - Poland is a “Hosted Organization” of JewishGen. JRI-Poland is “a project to index all the Jewish vital records in Poland”; to provide an on-line searchable database of the indices; and to facilitate the ordering of copies of these records.

As Poland has a 100-year privacy rule, most of the records available via JRI-Poland are from the mid to late 19th century and very early part of the first decade of the 20th century. Although Skala was part of the Austro-Hungarian empire during that era, some of its vital records ended up in Polish archives.

Indices for Skala in the following years currently may be researched on line at the JRI-Poland web site and the records they detail may be ordered from the Polish archives using that site:

BIRTHS: 1872-1882; 1886-1902
MARRIAGES: 1882-1901
DEATHS: 1839-1900

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These entries, from an October, 1888 Skala register, record the births of: Moses Aron, son of Schmiel WEISMAN and Sura Ruchel SZNEIDER; Breina, daughter of Jankiel KRIGSFELD and Chanzie KOHN; Schmiel, son of Ettel WEISMAN and Hersh Elio WIESENTHAL; Freida Jente, daughter of Srul HUSS and Cima BODNER. The mohel for the two boys was M. Schachter; (Abraham Mordechai Schachter-Zwirnbaum).

Indexing of the available Skala records now is fully funded. For more information about the Skala records, see

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