Chaim and Sura Herscher

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Chaim Herscher and Sura Kramer lived in Berezhanka, a shtetl near Skala whose inhabitants were part of the greater-Skala community. Civil registration of their marriage was recorded in Skala in 1887, though a rabbi undoubtedly had married them years before. Chaim and Sura had eleven surviving children: Dina, Moshe, David Schloma (1877), Dwojra (1879), Jankiel (1881), Srul, Esther (1886), Freida (1889), Rubin (1891), Gutman (1894), and Avraham (1896). Eight of the Herscher siblings emigrated to New York, where their descendants still live. Moshe, David Schloma, Esther and their families remained in Berezhanka and perished in the Holocaust.

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