Skala Luncheon in Manhattan, November 10, 2019

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The Skala Research Group (also known as Skala Descendants) held a luncheon on November 10, 2019 at at the apartment ofMerle Kailas in Manhattan. 19 persons attendedthe luncheon in person, and 4 persons via videoconference. In addition, DanRuby who is not part of the group but is doing a biography of Michael Edelstein was on thevideoconference.

Photos of theattendees can be seen here.
The photos were either taken by Toba Hausner, and or were extracted and edited by HeleneKenvin.

Avideo recordingwhich was created by Rachel Brill can be found here.
Approximately the first 10-15 minutes of the luncheondid not get included in the recording.

A list of the attendees and the families theyare researching can be foundhere.

Many thanks to oursteering committee of Merle Kailas, Dana Erwin, Dan Zimmerman, Rachel Brill and Tony Hausnerwho organized the luncheon.

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