Skala Luncheon

Skala Researchers Luncheon in Manhatan, November 11, 2018

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The Skala Research Group [SRG] held a luncheon on November 11, 2018, at a restaurant in Manhattan. Twenty-five people attended, including several new members from the younger generation. Five more people participated via an Internet broadcast, an innovation for SRG events. We also were delighted to have amongst us Susan Schwarzbach Karpfen, David Schwarzbach,Lucy Pollak, Ruth Meller, and Dan Zimmerman, Holocaust survivors who were born in Skala. A most moving part of the afternoon was seeing how much these Skala natives enjoyed being with each other.

L-r: Susan Schwarzbach Karpfen, David Schwarzbach,Lucy Pollak, Ruth Meller, Dan Zimmerman

After lunch, the attendees spoke briefly about their Skala connections. Tony Hausner acknowledged the recent yahrzeits of Max Mermelstein and Fanya Gottesfeld Heller. Racheli Kreisberg made a presentation from Israel, about her project to determine which families lived in which houses on 19th-century cadastral maps of Skala. Dana Erwin spoke about his work in the Skalalandsmanshaftncemeteries in the US and the Jewish cemetery in Skala ( He has taken photographs of each gravestone and is leading the effort to translate, identify, and catalogue them. Dana also discussed an SRG project in which the documents donated by Max Mermelstein to YIVO were scanned. An update of recent additions to the Skala website was provided what_s_new_.html and possible future SRG projects were discussed. The luncheon was organized by Merle Kailas, Dana Erwin, Dan Zimmerman, Rachel Brill, and Tony Hausner.

Members of the luncheon committee were (l-r) Merle Kailas, Dana Erwin, Rachel
Brill, Tony Hausner, and Dan Zimmerman (pictured at the end of the first row of photos, above).

L-r: Debbie Thalor, Nadine Kutner, Clara Mermelstein, Jay Rosner, Dorian Critelli

L-r: Shirley Kailas, Robert Sachs, Donna Stein, Jean Marc Zimmerman, Robin Karpfen, Ruth Meller

See other attendees in the photo album at

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