Skala Luncheon

New York, August 16, 2006

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During the 2006 conference on Jewish genealogy, Tony Hausner organized a luncheon attended by natives of Skala, descendants of those who lived in Skala, their spouses and children. Click on the photo for the names of those at the luncheon and the Skala families they are researching.

Max Mermelstein, President of the Skala Benevolent Society, was presented with an award “in recognition of his dedication to the preservation of the memory of the Jewish community of Skala.

Also given awards were Tony Hausner (for “his commitment and vision as shtetl leader of the Skala Research Group”); Denise Azbill (for “her schievements as the first Skala shtetl leader”); Skala Web Leader Helene Kenvin (for “her outstanding job in designing the Skala web site”); and Max Heffler (for “his work as Web Master of the Skala web site”).

Tony Hausner spoke about the goals and new projects of the Skala Research Group. Helene Kenvin described the Skala web site and asked people to send their family photos to her. Max Mermelstein reported on the condition of the Jewish cemetery in Skala and the endowment that is being established to ensure its care.

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