The Skala Benenevolent Society 1946 Journal
Other Ads in the SBS 50th Anniversary Journal

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Skala Benevolent Society
Journal from 1946 Dinner

Notes: These ads usually are no more than greetings; however, they often contain additional information, such as addresses. The ads are listed in the order they appear in the journal, with the journal-pages shown on this website interspersed among them. “M/M” means “Mr. and Mrs.” “IMO” means “In memory of.” Some of the memorial ads honor relatives who were murdered in the Holocaust or were killed while serving in the US armed forces. Commercial ads have been included because the companies either belonged to SBS members or may indicate the firms with which SBS members had business relations.

Sam and Hyman Weidenfeld
M/M Nathan Wiesenthal
M/M David Tischler
M/M Sam Finkelstein
Henry Doliner, IMO Elias and Ruchel Doliner
M/M Jacob Berman, M/M Murray Dorfman
Samuel and Fannie Kupperman
Samuel, Harry, Max Louis, Rosalind, and Gail Sandra Edelstein and Henrietta F. Brukel
Dr/M David E. Silberman and Paul
M/M Kass (ad for his Rockaway (NY) bungalows, which Some SBS members rented each summer)
M/M Hyman Weidberg
Majestic Hotel in Lakewood, NJ (Kazes & Stern) [where Some SBS members vacationed together]
M/M Charles Blecher, M/M and William Goldberg and M/M David Blecher, IMO Simon, Frieda, and Max Blecher
M/M Israel Gelbstein, IMO Mechel, Frima, Musia and Chana Weisinger
M/M William Gertler
M/M Irving Auerbach, Finkelstein Brothers
M/M Nathan Klinger
M/M Aron Schulman
M/M Aron Dorfman
M/M Oscar Drescher
MLM Mason Contracting Corp.
M/M Julius Schneider
Blum Family
MM L.J. Wendroff, IMO Louis Hornick
M/M Karl Noppe, IMO Louis Hornick
M/M Harry Sharfstein, IMO Louis Hornick
IMO Jacob S. Mehlman
Finkelstein BrothersM/M David Wiesenthal
M/M F. Faleck
M/M Morris Kohen
M/M Isidor Farer
M/M Leonard J. Schwartzback
M/M S. Glickler, L. Tulchin, R.H. Glickler and
granddaughter Bayle
M/M Sam Heller and daughter
IMO Aaron Stock (born 1863, Skala; died 1943, NY)
M/M Joe Schneider
Harry and Hyman Mindlich
M/M Ben Gottesfeld
Windsor Hotel
M/M Morris Wiesenthal, IMO Zacharie and Brucha Wiesenthal
And Miriam, Abish, Max, and Bosig Stern
M/M Hyman Weingast
Max, Matilda, Louis G., Judith Ann Schorr
Jacob Wiesenthal
Max Wiesenthal
M/M Louis Stock
M/M Jacob Liebergall
M/M Samuel Gertler
Progress Tucking Hemstitching Company (Joseph
and Abraham Wiesenthal)
Louis Hauben, M.D.
Fanny Hammer
M/M Max Farer
Dr. Mervyn Farber
Rettig & Binder
Ladies Auxiliary of Mogen Abraham
M/M Max Blutstein
M/M Joseph Silberman
M/M M. Kronstein
Jack and Dora Schneider
M/M Leon Rosenstock
Edward Britton
R. Salzstein Co.
M/M Abe Bosyk
M/M Joseph Wiesenthal
H. Gottesfeld & Son Monumental Works
Rosedale Management Co.,
M/M Louis Weingast
M/M Sam Weiner
M/M Nathan Packer
M/M H. Shapiro
M/M Nathan Klinger
M/M H. Feigelson
Reger Roofing and Sheet Metal Works
IMO Bessie and Joe Weingast
Melside Houses, Inc.
M/M Sam Schneider
M/M Symche Grunfeld
M/M Harry Young
Leib Merkin
Welbilt Stove Co.
Harry Eisinger
Ashland Corrugated Paper Co.
M. Steinberg & Son
M. Pressner & Co.
Imperial Appliance Corp.
Henry Waterman & Bro. Corp.
Fisher Pharmacy
Tile Crafts Co.
M. Wasserman
Gibraltar Brokerage Company (Emanuel Stein)
Mr. Herman Koch and Mr. Barnet M. Putterman
Artflex Fabrics
Empire Plastic Corp.
Unique Novelty Jewelry Corp.
Weisner Family
Select Jewelry Mfg. Co.
Friend of Isaac Weingast
M/M Max Weidenfeld
Sam and Hyman Weidenfeld
Joseph Rotberg & Co.
Bernard H. Cantor
Estel Novelty Co. (friend of Isaac Weingast)
Atlas Welding and Boiler Works
Columbia Protektosite Co.
Bedford Supply Co.
Criterion Beads Novelty Corp.
Gordon Textile Co.
Hyman Kurzrok Printers, Stationers
Arlboro Accessories
Robert H. Lampert Co.
Indestructible Pearl, Inc.
Claremont Country Club (M. Nachatowitz)
Imperial Novelty Co.
Harry Nieberg & Sons, Funeral Directors
Midwood Memorial Chapel, Inc. (Harry Nieberg & Sons)
Friend of Isaac Weingast
Magic Novelty
ABC Supply So.
Amsterdam Glass & Shade Co. (Jack Shechet)
Lerner Brothers
P.J. McGlynn Insurance
Harry Goldstein
Joseph Schwartz & Son
H. Hirschhorn Kosher Meat
William Mandolowitz
Pozner Electric Co.
Max Fluss Real Estate
Henry Gordy, Inc. Costume Jewelry
Friend of Isaac Weingast
M R J Safer
H. Schneiderman Plumbing Co.
A Friend of Elman and Yakov Greenberg
Nathenson's Fine Furniture
Michael Heir Tuxedo Hire
Capital Dry Goods Co.
President Novelty & Jewelry Co.
MAM Licensed Plumbing and Heating Co.
Marble Hill Painting Co.
Charles Frost, Inc. Clothing
H. Marcus Painting and Decorating
Ace Broom Co.
Nasco Doll, Inc.
State Laundry
Finkelstein Brothers (Henry Lichting)
Master, Mancini-Stern Co. Furriers
AJ Siris Products Corp.
Premier Refrigeration Service Corp.
M/M David Schwartzbach
The Model Outfitting Co. (B. Silverman)
Rick's Ladies Accessorites and Sportswear
Max and Pauline Cohen
Annie Menchel, IMO Izzy Menchel

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