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Shchadryn (Scadryn), Belarus

Last updated September 23, 2012

Evolution of Names

Compiled by Melissa Kaplan


As Jews moved from their homeland to other lands, they often changed their given and surnames, either out of necessity (to match the paperwork used to cross borders or avoid Soviet army subscription), or to adopt a name that would sound less foreign in their new home.

The following index of names may be useful when trying to untangle the names found on various documents and in family histories as you try to reconstruct individuals and affiliations. The initial information in this index comes from gleaning information off of posts in various forums. If you have any names to contribute, please send them to me for inclusion on this site.


Given Name

Permutations, Evolutions, and Possible Equivalents

Anschel YidAlfred Eng

Beile Yid

Bessie, Elizabeth Eng

Chaya Yid Ida, Irene Eng

Chone Yid/Heb

Elchonon (Elchanan) Heb /Yid

Fana Rus

Feige Yid; Fancy, Fane, Fanny, Fay Eng; Fana Rus

Feige Yid

Fancy, Fane, Fanny, Fay Eng; Fana Rus

Fema, Fima Yid

Froim Yid, Efriam Heb

Hirsch YidHarry, Henry Eng
Israel HebIsidor/Isadore

Mordechai Yid

Matthew Eng; Motti, Matei Heb

Moshe Yid Morris, Max Eng

Rayna Yid

Rina Heb

Wolf YidWilliam Eng

Eng = English; Heb = Hebrew; Rus = Russian; Yid = Yiddish;
? = Unknown - may be adopted in different countries


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