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Shchadryn (Scadryn), Belarus

Last updated October 12, 2014

Belarus, Minsk and Schedrin Maps

Scadryn: Lat 52 53' 29 33'


Belarus, Minsk, and Babruisk Maps

As this (U.S.) Library of Congress chronology of Belarus illustrates, the town of Shchedrin has passed from one country to another as armies surged through the countryside. In 1918, it was part of Germany; by 1919, it had once again become part of Russia (Belorussian Soviet Socialist Republic [SSR]). Two years later, part of Belorussia belonged to Poland, the rest to Russia.

The following maps are from Mapquest. Click on the map to go to the Google Maps site where you can use the zoom and scroll features to view more or less detail.

Belarus (Belorussia)

Map of Belarus with Scadryn appearing as a red star

Map showing the location of Belarus (Belorussia).


Map showing Scadryn in relation to Babruisk and Minsk


Map showing Scadryn in relation to Babruisk

Map of Minsk-Babrujsk area of Belarus. Scadryn is just above the red star.

More Scadryn/Belarus Maps Information:

CIA World Fact Book: Belarus

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