The document below was provided by Dr. Abraham Werner and loosely translated from Polish by William Leibner. It appears to be a copy of a report sent by the local Sanok J.S.S. (Jewish Self Help Organization) branch to its headquarters in Krakow. The J.S.S. helped various Jewish communities during the initial stages of World War II.




Place - Sanok District - Sanok Region - Krakow
Postal area - Sanok, 9 Galicia, Poland


Fact sheet


From September 1st 1941 to September 31st 1941

1. Number of Jews prior to the war - 7000 presently 2400

Merchants prior to the war -  800 presently 140

Artisans prior to the war -          350 presently 150

Workers prior to the war -           100 presently 200

Professions prior to the war -          80 presently 8

Without a trade prior to the war -   150 presently 600

(Note of translator: Notice the radical shift of the economic situation of the Jewish population)

2. Number of people applying for assistance - 550      

Number of receiving assistance - 334

3. Office providing assistance: J.S.S. branch Sanok and the Judenrat of Sanok

4. Who contributed the funds for the social assistance and in what amounts -

        J.S.S. in Krakow 1200 zloty

        Judenrat of Sanok 150 zloty


5. Forms of assistance

        5172 meals were served to an average of 172

        22 people were provided with medical assistance

        supported 140 people.

6. ------

7. Who cares for the children? Ko, up. ( Abbreviation & illegible)

8. Number of Jews working in labor camps - 51


Number employed for the local administration - 50

9. ------

10. Number of artisans working in their shops (illegible)

Kinds of shops which exist: shoemakers tailors plumbers

11. Number of Jewish contractors - 160

12. Expenses for supporting community - 4229 zloty and 56 groshen

Cash expenses - 3667 zloty and 45 groshen

Sources for revenue are:

        J.S.S.  Support from Krakow

        Judenrat of Sanok

        Voluntary contributions

*There is occasional inspection of the books of expenses

13. Items the Jews receive in their support assistance and the quantity-

        Usually 2 kilos of bread flour

        200 grams of sugar monthly

Items not distributed

        regular flour




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