Appendix 1

Partial list of Rabbis who served in Salant

Tsvi Hirsh Broide, for many years he was head of the rabbinical court in Salant. Later, several decades in Jerusalem, where he died in 1865. He used to teach standing up and remained ill with sick legs. He had a great influence upon Rabbi Yisrael Salanter who was his pupil.

Yitskhak Katznelenbogen (1809-1891).

Yehoshua ben Eliyahu Salanter fought against Chasidism together with Leibele Shapiro, Rabbi from Kovno (died in 1853). He was a Rabbi here at the beginning of the 19th century.

Hillel Mileikowski (1819-1899), Rabbi in Salant for a long time. Reb Hillel was very active in protecting the political interests of Jews in Russia. In 1894, he was a member of the Rabbi's committee, which the Russian Government engaged in handling the status of the Russian Jewry.

Gavriel Feinberg (1825-?), Rabbi in Salant twelve years, died in Memel. eb Yosef ben Moshe Yafe (1846-1897), after Salant from 1893 Rabbi in Manchester (England) where he died.

Meir Altas ben David (1848-1926), Head of Yeshiva in Telz, in Salant till 1899.

Avraham Aharon Burshtein ben Yehoshua Blumenthal (1867-1926) , Rabbi in Salant from 1900. In the first World War Rabbi in Russia, Rabbi in Bogorodsker Yeshiva and under the Soviets, Rabbi in Cherkas. In 1919 he returned to be a Rabbi in Tavrig. In 1924 he became Rabbi in Rabbi Cooks, "Merkaz Harav" Yeshivah in Jerusalem where he died in November 1926.

Mordechai Yitskhak Rabinowitz (1856-1920), 1902-1916 in Salant from 1917, in Memel where he died in June of 1920.

Moshe-Yonah Viner (?-1941), perished in the Shoah

Meir-Tsvi Klotz (1884-1941), the last Rabbi, perished in the Shoah.

Almost all Rabbis published booklets or books on Torah or Talmud discussions.

Appendix 2

List of membership fee payers in "Agudath Yisrael" 1913

Nakhum Yankelevitz, Yom Tov Lipman-Ziv, Nekhemyah Gitkin, Bendet Zegerman, Yekhezkel-Meir Berman, Duber Zagen (?), Nathan-Yakov Berkovitz, Avraham-Mordekhai Alsha (?), Tsevi-Hirsh Grinker, Yitskhak Patsinke, Azriel Zaks, Shemuel-David Yoselevitz, Aba Zilber, Shemuel Tsiz. Moshe Plotnik, Alter Dines, Elkhanan Zagenkhan, Meir Gerb, Zalman Taits, Mosheh Fritsl, Yehudah-Leib Heiman, Shaul Movshovitz, Zalman Melamed, Yitskhak-Leib Yofe, David Davidov, Tuviyah Kangiser, Shelomoh Vainer, Refael-Tsevi Movshovitz, Shelomoh Kaplan.

Appendix 3


View lists of donors for Eretz-Yisrael and for other tasks as published in the Hebrew newspapers "HaMelitz". These data are from Jewishgen-Database-Lithuania- HaMelita. Click here and go to the bottom of this page after loggin on, and enter "Salantai".

Appendix 4

View lists of HaMagid Persian Famine Donation Lists Donors from Lithuania, 1871-82 in the Hebrew newspapers "Hamagid". These data are from Jewishgen-Database-Lithuania- Hamagid. Click here and to to the bottom of the page after logging on and enter "Salantai".

Appendix 5

Partial list of personalities born in Salant

Nakhum Yudelevitz (1862-?), wealthy man and public worker, was the representative of the Odessa committee of "Khibath Zion" movement, delegate to four Zionist congresses (7, 10, 11, 13), since 1921 in Riga and since 1933 in Eretz Yisrael, one of the founders of the glass factory "Gavish", died in Tel Aviv.

Yakov Berman (1878-?), studied at the Telz Yeshivah, one of the leaders of the "Mizrakhi" party, delegate to the 12th 13th and 14th Zionist congresses, published articles in the Jewish press. Since 1921 in Eretz-Yisrael, was Deputy Director of the Education Department and Principal Superviser of the "Mizrakhi" education chain. Director of an Religious-Pedagogic institution in Rekhovoth.

Rabbi Yehudah Asher Ginsburg (1760-1823), father of Mordechai Aharon Ginsburg. One of the famous scholars in Vilno and Hebrew writers. He left a manuscript as a composition of grammar and algebra.

Rabbi Yosef Zundel Salanter born in 1786 in Salant, one of the founders of "Muser Shita" (Ethics-on relations between people). Teacher of Israel Salanter. Reb Yosef Zundel was a pupil of Rabbi Akiva Eiger and Rabbi Khayim Wolozhiner. Father- in-law of Rabbi Shemuel Salanter. He refused to be in the Rabbinate. Except for a few hours of merchandising, he studied Torah. He wore simple clothes and conducted himself in a most modest way. Many stories were told about his modest behavior. In 1838 Yosef Zundel emigrated to Jerusalem Israel, where he was a teacher for 3 years, then gave his job over to his son-in-Iaw Shmuel Salant. He helped organize groups to rebuild and improve the synagogue "HaKhurvah". He lived in a small dark room, supporting himself by producing vinegar and was satisfied with some fruit juice. He was fasting, studied Torah, and prayed for redemption. Many people came to him daily asking some. He died in cholera in1865. His son Yehudah Arieh Leib and his two daughters were all married in Salant and lived there with their families.

Rabbi Mosheh Aronson was born here in 1805. He served for many years in different towns in Lithuania. In 1862, he became Rabbi at "Adath Yeshurun" in New York. He had an argument and fight for everything that is holy.

He became uncomfortable to live in New York and started moving to Jerusalem, but he died on his way in Chicago, in July 1875.

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Partial List of Emigrants from Salant

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