Rzeszów, Poland

(Pronounced zhe-shof)
(Other Names: Reisha, Reyshe, Zhezhov)

Birth, Death, & Census Records

In the Jewish Records Indexing database (JRI-Poland),

  1. Use your JewishGen ID number

  2. Enter the surname and the type of search (exact spelling?)

  3. For the box “Geographical Region”, to confine your search to Galicia and Rzeszów, scroll down to Galicia and select “Lwow Wojewodztwo”

  4. For “Record types”, select All

Experiment with different search types. For Geographical Region, make another search using “All Regions”. Try “sounds like” for surname.

For information on Rzeszow records indexed by JRI-Poland, contact Eden Joachim, Rzeszow Town Leader, Rzeszow Archives Project.