The Sielecki Family
The Sielecki family alternated living in Ruzhany and Slonim.
Mendel was born in 1909 and immigrated to Argentina in XXXX.
The pictures are courtesy of his daughter.

Benjamin Sielecki and his wife Gruna
with their daughter Leja and
their son Mendel-Menahem
Taken around 1912-3 either in Ruzhany
or Slonim
Leja Sielecka is the girl wearing the
sailor's shirt. It was taken in 1916
either in Ruzhany or Slonim.
Benjamin Sielecki is the bald gentleman sitting on the right.
The picture was taken in Ruzhany.
Relatives of the Sielecki family - taken at some time before 1930.
Prepared by RAF 12 October 2003