Pictures from the Meetings of Kossovoers in Israel
Our thanks to Shmuel Rabinovich for sendng us these pictures
Partial identification of the people. If you recognize anyone else, please let us know.

A party in honor of guests from Argentina 1967
Standing from right to left: Avraham Rabinowitch, Yitzchak Zur, Shmuel Ben Gershon, unknown, unknown, Yaacov Tzibin from Argentina, Mrs. Tzibin, Mushka Maszni from Argentina, Hershel Maszni from Argentina, Yitzhak Maszni from Argentina.
Second row sitting from left to right: Yosef Birenbaum, Rivka Birenbaum, Hinda Zilberman, Saul Zilberman,
Ahuva Rabinowitch, Miriyam Harushnizki.
Third row: unknown, unknown, unknown, Chaim Davidi, Ziporah Davidi, Estehr Davidi, Shmuel Davidovski

Sitting near the wall: Yerachmiel Homsky, ziporah Davidi, Yehudit Rabinowitch, Sima Illewicki, Tehila Homsky. Second row: Avraham Rabinowitch (profile), Shlomo Slonimski, Ahuva Rabinowitch.
Party for the Argentian Guests
First Row: Yitzchak Schwartz
Second Row: Raphael Shazki, Esther Shazki, Yona Krasinski
Reception for the Guests from Argentina
Sitting at the table from right to left: Bilha Eroni, Yitzchak Zur, unknown, Avraham Rabinowitch,
Standing from righ to left: Raphael Szaki, Chana Eroni, unknown, unknown, Beyamin Slonimski, unknown, Shiyah Laskovski, unknown, Meir Krasinkski, Yehudit Rabinowitch, Yona Krasinski, unknown, Asher Litski

Reception for Noyma Illewcki 1950 approx.
Near the table: Yitzchak Zur, Zeev Zarchi, Shmuel Ben Gershon, Avraham Rabinowitch.
Sitting near the wall: Yaacov Rabinowitch, Moshe Eironi, Gershon Rabinowitch, Sima Rabinowitch, Shiya Laskovski.
Facing the photographer: Ida Gravski, Yaacov, Gershon, Sima Rabinowitch.
Right to left: Shiya Laskovski, Shmuel Ben Gershon, Yitzchak Zur, Avraham Rabinowitch
Yearly meeting in the 1950s.
Sitting at the table: Tehila Homsky, Yosef Birenbaum, Rivka Rabinowitch, Hinda Zilberman, unknown, Shmuel Routford, his sister Simka Routford, Bilha Ben Gershon, Yitzchak Schwartz.
Reception in honor of Noyma Illewcki from the US that started a "Gemach" in memory of his wife Haya and their children that were killed by the Nazis.
Standing: Shmuel Maszni from Argentina, Idla Rizikov,
Sitting: Yitzhak Zortzav zarchi, Noyma Illewcki (guest from the US), Shmuel Ben Gershon, Avraham Rabinowitch
Right to left: Avraham Rabinowitch, Benyamin Slonimski, Haska Zibin, Avraham Zibin, Yitzchak Zur, unknown
Sitting: Zahava Milkovski, Ahuva Segal, unknown, unknown, Eliezer Illwecki, unknown, unknown, Sima Illwecki, Esther Eroni, Moshe Eroni
Prepared November 2004 RAF