A Few More Families from Kossovo
Our thanks to Shmuel Rabinovich for sendng us these pictures

Friends in Kossovo Belarus in 192?.
Sitting from left to right: Nisel Danmbrovski, Vira Rotford, Hayem Parizki, Faygel Iliwicki.
Top Row: Mina Ilwicki, Mose Imelfarb
A group of friends from Kossovo Belaruse that immigrated to Palestine.
The picture is from 193?.
First line from left to right:Abraham Rabinovich ,Yezchak Zur (Maroznik), Hayem Davidowski.
Second line the first from left to right Shmuel Zur (Maroznik), the first from right to left Yakov Kaerliz.
Four comrades in Kossovo Belarus 192?.
Sitting my mother Jehudith (Jiliwicka) Rabinovich
Standing from right to left: Belkea (Elovich)Chazanovich ,Hana Kaplan.
Picture on the left - Mina Iliwicki from Kossovo Belarus
Picture on the right - My grandmother Fayge (Berklied-Rabinovich)Davidovski, from Kossovo Belaruse. Born 1874 in Motol Belaruse, died 1956 in Raanana Israel
Prepared May 2004 RAF