A Few Families from Kossovo
Our thanks to Shmuel Rabinovich for sendng us these pictures

1931 - A few families from Kossovo
no. 1 Meschnin family
no. 2 Jliwicka family
no. 3 Kadisevich family
no. 4 A family from Kresinstav
no. 5 Yzchak Ratner
no. 6 Hana Kapln
Jenta Jliwicka-Ravinovich with her sister Chaya and brother Moshe
Chaya and her husband Yzchak Rater and daughter Rivka
Jehudith (Jenta) Jliwicka-Rabinovich
Mother of Shmuel Rabinovich
Jehudith (Jenta) and AbrahamRabinovich
Parents of Shmuel Rabinovich
Prepared April 2004 RAF