Rumshishok (Rumsiskes)

A town in Central Lithuania, on the Nieman river, 19 km south-east from district town of Kovno.

Near the town, there was the coercion camp for prisoners Pruvanishok where many Jews, detained on the roads, were imprisoned.

During the Holocaust, there were in Rumshishok about 50 Jewish families.

There are no tested testimonies on the events occurred to the Rumshishok Jews during the Holocaust. Following are some sources:

  • a. In the list of common graves, published in the second part of the book "Mass murder in Lithuania", are noted common graves around Rumshishok as follows:
    • 1. The place - the right shore of the river Praviana, about 30 meters below its estuary; the time - July-August 1941; number of victims - about 50.
    • 2. A forest near the village of Pavaliai, 70 meters north-west of the river Praviana, 40 meters from the road Rumshishok-Pavaliai; the time - 29.8.41; number of victims - 90 women and children.
    • 3. The place - Pruvanishok, about 5 kilometers north of Rumshishok, 50 meters from the administration buildings of the coercion camp, near the lumber-mill and the forest; the time - 4.9.41 as well as spring 1944; number of victims on 4.9.41 - 253 men, women and children, and in 1944 - 270 souls.
  • b. According to the Jager report, on 29.8.41 there were murdered in Rumshishok and Zhezmer 20 Jewish men, 765 Jewish women and 197 Jewish children. On 4.9.41 there were murdered in Pruvanishok 247 Jewish men and six Jewish women, together 253 souls.
  • c. According to the Little Lithuanian Encyclopaedia (part B, page 118), the hitlerites and the local nationalistic bourgeois murdered in the years 1941/1942 about 400 of Rumshishok inhabitants (no doubt that it refers to the Jews).
  • d. In the list of memorial days, which was in the Kovno synagogue and was brought by the former shamash (caretaker), M. Shochat, it was noted that the Memorial Day for the Rumshishok victims is the 10th day of Elul which was in the year 5701 - 2.9.41.)