From: Art Poskanzer <>
Subject: Poskanzer Family Tree
To: Poskanzer Art <>
An UPDATE to the Poskanzer Family Tree has been posted at:
ADDITIONS: This time there have been additions/corrections/help from Melanie Bone, Elaine
Brody, Elaine Collins, Jane Frueh, Michael Gilbreath, Shelley Gliedman, Lisa Harris, Ilya
Kanevskiy, Glen Kanzer, Bernice Peshkin Lebowitz, Charles Leo Poskanzer, Dan Poskanzer,
Eric Poskanzer, Joseph and Mary Poskanzer, Sonny Poskanzer, Max Pushkantser, Oleg
Pushkantser, Barbara Rozinsky, Sally Tuchman, and Alex Volinsky.
PHOTOS: Old Photos
and Reunion Photos
are now not indexed by a list, but with thumbnails of typical photos in each set. Click, and then
click again on the thumbnails until you see a large photo with a caption.
New photos have been contributed by Lainey Brody, Elaine Collins, Jane Frueh, Ilya Kanevskiy,
Max Pushkantser, and Oleg and Natalia Pushkantser.
FACEBOOK: There are now 70 members in the Poskanzer Family Group on Facebook . Join to keep up with the family.
GENERATIONS: Alina Pushkantser is the 11th generation Pushkantser in the Tree. She is now
12 years old but can be seen as she was a few years ago at
Pushkantser. Alex Volinsky added three generations to the descendants of Mortel Pushkantser.
On the Poskanzer side, Daniel Jason Poskanzer has two daughters, Julieanne and Gracelyn, who
are 10th generation. They are the granddaughters of Barry Poskanzer. Two month old Andrew
Poskanzer is also 10th generation. He is the son of Jason, son of Joseph, son of Sammy.
THANKS: Olga Zabludoff and I thank all of you who have helped and hope you continue to send
additions and corrections. Old photos and family reunion photos are especially welcome.
Art Poskanzer