Rumshishok is near Zhezmir (10 miles), Zhusli (13), Kovno (12) and Kushidar (11), and on the Nieman River. The nearest train station was in Provinishki (3).

Before World War I, over 100 Jewish families lived there. In 1915, they were all expelled by the Russian army. Some later returned.

During Independent Lithuania, the Jewish community numbered about 50 families.

The Jews engaged in trade of lumber and agricultural products and in crafts. Jews owned a match factory, a sawmill and a flour mill. In the summer, vacationers would come to the town, especially people from the yeshivas.

Before World War I, there was a heir midrash and 2 cheders. During Independent Lithuania, a Tarbut School was established. Charitable organizations included a charitable loan fund, Bikur Holim, Linat Hazedek and Hachnasat Orchim.

From the rabbinate: R. Yosef Eliasberg, R. Meir-Dov Pagir [5626-5651/1866-18911; R. Eliahu Hacohen Levine; R. Aaron Bendt Hacohen Schmidt; R. Yisrael Goldman Filipover; R. Aaron Grazovsky [died in 5697/1937.

Public figures: Mordechai Eliasherg; Yisrael Katz [founder of Menorat Hamaor and Hachnasat Orchim in the town] ; Mordechai-Yeshayahu Lufiansky [founder of Tiferet Bachurim].

Natives: R. Yitzhak Levitan and R. Yakov Katz.