Ed Cohen family

I would like to list my Rumsiskis (Rumishok) family members (at least they are part of my tree). Since it is family I will call them red letter days in Rumsiskis.


1900 birth Sarah Vash
1825 birth Abel Vilenchuk
1828 birth Reiza Zisla Vilenchuk
1832 birth Lozer Berkovich
12 oct 1842 birth of my gr gr grandmother Dinah Meryl Vash (married Menachem Mendel Welinsky)
1849 birth of David Zalman Romm
1855 birth of Hoda bas Shimon Vilenchuk
1858 birth Ethel Berkovich
1859 birth Frieda Berkovich
1860 bith Moshe Zelik Berkovich
4 oct 1860 marriage of my ggg grandparents Meyer Vilenchuk (Welinsky) and Sarah Vash (Wintz) (US Last names)
1864 birth of Chaim Hirsh berkovich
jun 1866 birth of g grandfathers brother Shlomo Vilenchuk (Welinsky)
1867 birth of Moshe Tova Vilenchuk
jul 1868 birth of my g grandfather Shruga Feival (Frank) Welinsky
1 may 1870 birth Aaron Vilenchuk
1871 birth Chana berkovich
8 apr 1872 birth Leah Devorah Vilenchuk
16 apr 1872 death of moshe tova Vilenchuk
15 may 1872 birth of my g grandfathers sister Jennie Vilenchuk later married Sam Berkowitz

Second installment--

gen 1. Meyer Vilenchik
gen 2 Yosel Tevel Vilenchik b 1814 Vilkija Lithuania married to Sarah Baran
d of Meyer and Ente Baron
gen 3 Lazer Vilenchik b 1837 Vilkija married Gitla Vilenchik
gen 4 children Orel Hirsh 1862 married Chaya Dina and had issue: moshe
1885 and Guta 1887 in vilkija
Sarah 1860
Devorah 1863
Basia 1865
Kuna 1872

(the tree above is not my family)

This is my Vilenchik Family

gen 1 Abel Vilenchik
gen 2 Shlomo (Shimel) Vilenchik b 1767 Vilkija d 1833 Vilkija
gen 3.1 Hirsh b 1800 Vilkija married Zhisla Kaplan daughter of Wolf
gen 4.1 Leib b 1825 Vilkija married Nachama b 1828
gen 5.1 Meyer b 1852 Vilkija married Liba and had issue:
Shmeryl 1872, Rivka 1875, Lipko 1882 and Zisla 1887
gen 4.2 Leah b 1826 Vilkija
gen 4.3 Meyer Abel b 1831 Vilkija d 1892 Vilkija married Basya
gen 5.1 Shlomo b 1868 vilkija d 1915 married Betsey issue
Hymie, Harry, Mike, Flora , Tillie, Sadie, Molly
gen 5.2 Yetta b 1870 married Reuben Gerber and had issue:
Esther, Harry, Celia, Fanny, Michael, Eva
gen 5.3 Chana b 1876 Vilkija married Morris Feinberg and had
issue: Ida, Rose, David, Mike, Tillie, Ben, Leo, Mildred, Sylvia

gen 4.4 Meyer b 1840 Vilkija married Leah (Vichna) had issue:
riska 1866, isaac 1871, Yankel 1882, simon 1885
gen 4.5 Chaim vilenchik Gross

gen 3.2 Meyer (my line) b 1802 Vilkija married 1816 Vilkija d 3 apr 1880
Rumsiskis at age 78, he married Dvora Vilenchik?
gen 4.1 Raiza Yenta b 1817 d 14 mar 1886 Rumsiskis
gen 4.2 Yochel b 1822 married Reiza and had issue Meyer,
Shmeryl, ovsey, Israel, Zalman, Shaya Leib
gen 4.3 Abel b 1825 Vilkija Married Reiza zisla daughter of Isser
had issue: Deborah 1855, Hirsh 1856, and Shebsel 1865 all in rumsiskis
gen 4.4 Etka b 1826Vilkija
gen 4.5 Reuben b 1827 Vilkija married Basya d of Hirsh with
issue: Riska , Shaya, Tzerna, Paika, Glicka ,Leah, Moshe all in Vilkija
gen 4.6Neska b 1828
gen 4.7 Malka b 1832
gen 4.8 Shlomo b 1837 Vilkja married Rachel Hinda daughter of
Abraham and had issue:; Isaac, orel, moshe, aaron, leah, sarah,yehudit,
gen 4.9 Zadok b 1839 married Menucka daughter of Samuel had
issue: Yosel, Chaim, Abraham, Rachel, samuel
gen 4.10 my gg grandfaather Menachem Mendel Wilensky b 1842 in
vilkija d 18 oct 1893 froze to death in front of his home at 46 Orchard
street, New York, New York. He married Dina Meryl Vash daughter of Aryeh
Leib and Liba Vash of Rumsiskis: Their children

5.1 Louis (Aryeh Leib), cigar maker, b mar 1864 Rumsiskis d abt 1915 New
York, NY married Celia Schiller and had issue:
Meyer, Bertha, Sarah, Milton, Abraham, Henry, Ben
5.2 Samuel (Shlomo), hay and feed store, b jun 1866 Rumsiskis d 23 mar 1947
Hartford,Ct ,married Anna Hilda Smith and had issue: Manuel (Abraham),
Milton (Mendel), Sadie, Rose, Harry, Edward
5.3 Frank (my gr grandfather) also called Philip, Shruga Fival b jul 1868
Rumsiskis married Lena (Nechama Leah) Silverstein on 25 feb 1891 in New
York, New York and had issue:
6.1 my grandmother Sarah b 1892 in the Bronx married Edward Greenstein 26
oct 1915 New Britain, Ct
6.2 Milton b 10 jul 1893 New york, NY d 14 jul Cranston, RI married Anne
Singer and had issue Robert and Ira
6.3 Meyer b 9 oct 1896 New York, NY d 22 feb 1960 Hartford, Ct married
Lillian Steinhaus 24 jun 1924 in New britain,ct
6.4 Rose b 12 jul 1898 New York, NY d 29 mar 1974 Coral Gables, FL married
Isadore Smith of Torrington, Ct
6.5 abe Frank b 25 jan 1900 New Britain, Ct married 3 times Ann lazurus,
sarah Kalenburg and Esther ?
6.6 Liba b 1901 d 1903 New Britain
6.7 Esther Malka b jul 1 1902 d 23 may 1984 Newington, ct married Samuel
6.8 Ethel b 22 oct 1904 New Britain, Ct married Frank Ginsburg who changed
his name to Roder
6.9 Louis David b 1906-1982 married Marion cohen
6.10 Mildred Dorothy (Dinah Meryl) 1910-1988

5.4 Jennie Devorah b15 may 1872 in Rumsiskis married Samuel David Berkowitz
and had issue: Milton, Diana, Morris, Rose, muriel, alice, beatrice
5.5 Harry Eliyahu b 2 jan 1873 Rumsiskis married Fannie cohen
5.6 Chaya Rivka b 15 jan 1876 Rumsiskis married Joseph Schwartz and had
issue: Minna, Emma, ethel, albert, Harry, daniel, edith
5.7 Abrham Isaac b 17 aug 1878 Rumsiskis married bessie Berkowitz
5.8 Michael (Meyer) b 2 apr 1880 Rumsiskis d 17 nov 1969 Hartford, married
on 25 dec 1904 in New Britain, Sara Ida Finkelstein and had issue: Molly,
Muriel, Milton, grace, ruth, cecile, madeleine, elizabeth, vera, edward
5.9 Edward abraham b 5 dec 1884 in Rumsiskis d 11 feb 1920 New Britian,
married dorothy Arbor
5.10 yankel b 27 nov 1885 in Rumsiskis (Just before leaving for America) d
25 mar 1962 New Britain

That's the Rumsiskis bunch

Shlomo b 1806 Vilkija
Nochem b 1808 Vilkija
Kopel b 1816 Vilkija