ROZDOL entries in Meorei Galicia (Hebrew)
by Rabbi Meir Wunder
Published by The Institute for the Comemoration of Galician Jewry

Volume A
Introduction    Written by the Admor of Kalive, R. Menahem Mendel TAUB ben R. Yehudah Yehiel

Page 146-8 R. Zvi Yehudah Hirsch ben R. Moshe EICHENSTEIN (5551-5608)

Page 219     R. Elazar Israel ALSTER [perhaps EIZEN]  (5580-5630)

Page 294:    R. Yehudah Leibush ben R. Avraham Moshe EHRLICH (5550-5620)
                     R. Naftali ben R. Zvi Hirsch EHRLICH (5623-5703)

Page 333:    R. Anshil ben R. Moshe ASHKENAZI (5500-5554)

Page 334:    R. Gershon ben R. Yehudah ASHKENAZI (5560-5623)

Page 335:    R. Zvi Hirsch ben R. Yonah ASHKENAZI (5620-5685)

Page 336:    Rabbi Yehudah ben R. Gershon ASHKENAZI (5599-     )

Page 352:    R. Moshe David ben R. Asher Anshil ASHKENAZI (5534-5616)

Page 677:    R. David GINZBURG and his son R. Moshe

Volume B
Page 477:    Breindel bat R. Yehudah Zvi Hirsch EICHENSTEIN (listed under her her husband,
                        R. Yehezkeel Shraga HALBERSTAM)

Volume C
Page 37:      R. Yehudah Yehiel ben R. Pinches Chaim TAUB (5647-5697), plus photos on the
                        wedding invitations for his two sons

Page 41:      R. Yehudah Zvi (Hirsch) ben R. Shelomo TAUB (5609-5646)

Page 44:      R. Pinchas Chaim ben R. Yehudah Zvi TAUB (5627-5696)

Page 46:      R. Shelomo ben R. Moshe Chaim TAUB (5580-5640)

Page 303:    R. Yehiel Michel HACOHEN

Page 886:    R.  Israel MELLER

Page 1046:  R. Alexander Sender SEG"L (REISS) (5575-5663)

Volume D
Page 34:      R. Yeshaya FUCHS

Page 65:      R. Dov Berish ben R. Yitzhak PICKHOLZ (including photo)

Page 66:      R. Yehudah Gershon ben Israel Yoel PICKHOLZ

Page 916:    R. Yaakov called ben R. Alexander Sender (SEG"L) REISS, but was actually his grandson
                        (including photo)

Page 965:    R. Eliezer RIEGEL

Page 991:    R. Chaim RAPPAPORT  (5636-5559)

Volume E
Page 231:    R. Moshe ben R. Yaakov HaLevi STRASSFELD

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