Pilchman Family

Minnie Pilchman Berman came to America in 1921 from Poninka.  She was the daughter of Golda
Peltz (1876-1950) and Benjamin Pilchman, formerly Berl Pilchin (1878-1960).  Berl, the son of Shimon Pilchin, arrived in New York on December 6, 1912 on the "Konigin Luise" from Bremen but was unable to send for his family until 1921 (obviously World War I interceded).  

Shimon Pilchin, father of Berl and grandfather of Minnie

Pilchin Family

Seated in the center is Shimon Pilchin and his second wife, to the left of Shimon is his daughter Freda with her husband and family, and to the right of Shimon is his son Yosef and his wife and family.

Shaindl Pilchin, daughter of Shimon, and her children

We believe that this is Yossel, Shaindl Pilchin's husband

(Photos courtesy of Miriam Berman)


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