Memoirs of Minnie Pilchman Berman

Take a look at this wonderful work of art!!

In Miriam Berman's own words "Just shy of her 90th birthday, I decided to formally interview my mother, Minnie Pilchman Berman (19061999), about a painting that had hung in her house for several years. In her early 80s, she had created a depiction, from memory, of her tiny Ukrainian shtetl Poninka. She had very carefully labeled each of the small structures and locations so I asked her to expand a bit about them one by one. For her 90th birthday celebration, I created this small volume as a surprise. Family members who came to the festivities were each presented a copy of this book which she proudly personalized for each."

We're grateful to Miriam for sharing this lovely booklet of her mother's memories of Poninka.
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