Melamed Family

Thanks to son Fima Gilman and granddaughter-in-law Tanya Gilman, we now have some lovely photos of Fira (Esther) Melamed Gilman, who comes from Poninka.  Fira, daughter of Haim Aron and Sosya Melamed, was born in Poninka in 1915 and worked in the paper factory before getting married and moving to Murafa in 1936. (Murafa is about 163 kilometers or 100 miles southeast of Poninka.)  

Haim Aron died before World War II and Sosya, along with her daughters Genya Melamed and Basya Rasputnaya, died during the war, in the Poninka/Polonnoye area.  (Basya's family, husband and children, survived but have lost contact with the Melamed family.) Fira's husband, Leib Gilman, born in 1909 in Chudniv, died while serving in the Soviet Army in June, 1944 and Fira and her two sons survived the war in the Murafa ghetto. 

Fira died in Kaunas, Lithuania in 1990 and her remaining family moved to Israel and the United States in the 1990's.


Fira Melamed Apr 1, 1933
Fira Melamed, in ~1934-1935

Fira Melamed, Jan 22, 1936  Fira Melamed, Mar 9, 1936

Fira Melamed with a friend, probably in the winter of 1936

Fira Melamed is in the foreground in the center, photo was probably taken in 1934


Fira Melamed  is second from the left in the second row.

The inscription on the reverse side:  “Group photo of our IIB class”  Melamed Esfir Feb 18, 1932

In the lower left corner stamp “Photo KIR_NER Poninka” (a letter T, Zh or S is missing between Kir and Ner).

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