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Polonnoye related documents

donated by Stewart Bernstein
Baranshteyn Grave Stone
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Grave of Stewart Bernstein's GGrandfather, Lieb Baranshteyn.  The  stone remains standing today in Polonnoye.  Identities of the individuals shown are unknown. 
Travel Document (and translation)  of  Stewart Bernstein's Great Uncle, Gershko BARINSHTEIN

Travel Document (Click on image to enlarge)

SEAL: free for the term no longer than one year 

1. Denomination: Jewish 
2. Date of birth or age: 33 years old 
3. Occupation: a tailor 
4. Marital status: married 
5. Number of dependents: N/A 
6. How related to military service: low rank in a reserve 
7. Signature: illiterate 

in case of illiteracy of the holder, print his signs:
Height: middle
Hair: dark white
Special: N/A

Holder of this document, inhabitant of VOLHYNIA Gubernia, ZASLAVL Uezd, town of Labunia, Ghershko, son of Leyba, BARINSHTEIN has been released (allowed to go) to the different towns and villages of The Russian Empire from the date listed below to April 10, 1902. Issued and sealed: April 10, 1901 

Deputy of the chairman of Labunia community 
(signature unreadable) 
SEAL of the Labunia city government 
Postponement: the document is postponed for three months e.g. until 189...year

Seal: Free
Personal seal: unreadable 

Allien Registration
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Jack Bernsein's (son of Gershko BARINSHTEIN) 1953 alien registration card. The document shows that Jack was born in Polonnoye. 

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