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“DieWelt" ("The World") is currently a major German newspaper, but it was

not founded until 1946.  The Die Welt that is translated here was,
according to Wikipedia, a weekly publication founded in1897 by Theodor
Herzl in Vienna as the organ of the Zionist movement. To read the articles in
the original German, go to and click on Suche.


Die Welt 

11 March 1898
Podhajce.  Our new club is making visible progress.  The number of members is growing, opposition has been given up, and all meetings offer the unusual sight of a thoroughly Zionist Jewish community.  On the 13th and 14th of February, Mr. L. Taubes from Kolomea spoke and achieved a brilliant success.  He was supported by Mssrs. B. Kittner and S. Marienberg, whom the club must especially thank.  Club evenings, lectures, meetings, at the same time shekel collections, are the tangible successes of the agitation.  But also other results have occurred in this short period: an interest for general questions not just Jewish questions, hardly explicable under the oppressive conditions, and that would be a permanent advantage, should it continue.  We hope so -- everything enables us to do so.

Die Welt 

8 September 1899

Podhajce, 7 August 1899.  In support of the workers from Boryslawer, the youth of Podhajce organized a discussion evening on Wednesday, the 2nd of this month. Mr. Moritz Lieblich welcomed the numerous guests in attendance.  In his address, he depicted the said state of the Jews and characterized Zionism as the only solution to the Jewish question.  We also performed the pageant “Israel’s Mission” by Adolf Motek; actors were Mssrs. M. Lieblich, J. Ojerskis, S. Schapira, and J. Seidler.  The performance of the play made a very good impression on the audience.  Mssrs. G. Scheer and H. Marienberg made speeches.  Mr. J. Ojserskis gave the conclusion. Mr. M. M. Ojserkis contributed much to the staging of this play, for which the committee heartily thanks him. The remaining course of the entire celebration was a brilliant one.

Die Welt

29 December 1899
Communiqués of the Action Committees
All correspondence is to be directed to the secretariat of the Congress office, IX. Türkenstrasse 9.

Maccabee Celebrations

Podhajce.  The club “Zion” on December 17.  Speaker: Jurist Marientburg, H. Kittner, M. Lieblic

Die Welt
29 December 1899 (second article)
[literally "Club News", figuratively "Updates from the Local Chapters"]

Podhajce.  On October 28, the general assembly of the club "Zion" took place.  The following gentlemen were elected to the committee: B. Kittner, Dr. Schwager, M. Lieblich, S. Marienberg, S. Aschkensy, M. Jejcies, B. Brandwein, S. Seide, D. Lilenfeld, L. Feldberg, M. Rosenzweig, S. Salpeter, D. Brandwein senior.

[Editorial note: By "committee" ("Ausschuss" in German), the author probably means executive committee or governing board.]

Die Welt

19 July 1901
Comrades!  Before it is too late, agitate for Palestinian etrogim for the forthcoming Succoth festival. 

“Zion,” Podhajce. Not known to us.

[Editorial clarification: This section is obviously for updates from the various local branches.  The editors of this section are not saying that the club "Zion" is literally unknown to them.  They are writing that the latest developments in the club are not known to them.]

Die Welt
14 March 1902

Podhajce. 4th orderly general assembly of the Zion society in Podhajce. The men elected to the committee were: Benjamin Kittner, as president; Dr. Abraham Glasberg and Bernhard Margulies as vice presidents; Tobias Rattner as secretary of vernaculars (Editorial clarification: At that time and even laer, people in one region of Germany often could not understand another from a different region unless they both spoke “Hochdeutsch” or formal German); Josef Blutreich as secretary of the Hebrew language; Hersch Gruenberg as treasurer; Moritz Lieblich as librarian; Markus Jecies and Leon Gross candidate for the Bar, as general committee members ;Meier Wolf Nadler and Efraim Buchwald as supervisors.The Zion society in Podhajce has been in existence for 4 years and has approximately 70 members.

 Die Welt
25 April 1902
Due to a suggestion of the local Zionism society, an evening dance took place on the occasion of the Purim celebration on Sunday, March 30th in the hall of the Jewish Reading Hall. It was attended by people of the best social circles. Under great applause, the 1st VP, (Mr.) Dr. jur. Abrahan Glasberg, gave the first celebration speech, afterwards Mr. Leon Allerhand, commissioner and cultural spokesperson, spoke - using Hebrew quotations - about the development and the principles of Zionism. At the end, Mr. S. Marienberg gave a speech in the Polish language, which was also applauded. Tobias Rattner


Die Welt
29 August 1902
Mailbox of the Administration.
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W., Podhajce, "L'Echo Sioniste" [The Zionist Echo], Paris, 38 rue Lebrun; "Jewish World," London E.C., Chiswell Street (1st door from Finsbury Square).
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