THE GREAT SYNAGOGUE OF PLONSK, dating from the early 17th century.

(From Sefer Plonsk ve-ha Sevivah, Tel Aviv 1963.)

Drawings from the great synagogue inside: In Plonsk there were two synagogues, a little one and The Great synagogue which was from 17th century. Both were destroyed by the nazis. Where the little one was there are no remains of it, nothing, only the land.  But where The Great Synagogue was there is now a new  Public Office  Building, and in one of the walls there is a plaque; photo below.

A draw from the Great synagogue in Plonsk. (Sefer Plonsk)

Plaque from the Great Synagogue of Plonsk

Photo taken by Gerardo Weisstaub Nuta, May 2005.

The smaller Plonsk synagogue

Smaller Plonsk Synagogue

Morris Dach with his brothers and a friend in front. Morris was a survivor.

The smaller Plonsk synagogue

The small Plonsk synagogue

Smaller synagogue photo credit: Scott Sugarman, grandson of Morris Dach a Plonsk resident.



The Rabbis of Plonsk

RABBI AVRAHAM  SHMUEL  GOLDSTEIN  (1865-1870) according to Pinkas Kehilot Polin (Yad Vashem Edition)

RABBI  ITZAK  MAIER  TAUB  ( 1914-1918) according with Sefer Plonsk, pag.217.


RABBI  YECHEZKIEL ZVI  (HIRSH)  MICHELSOHN, was the Rabbi of Plonsk 1894-1922,  he went to Warsaw, and we didn’t know what happened with him, but we infer that he was murdered by the nazis.(Sefer Plonsk- and “The Vanished World” Edition by Raphael Abramovitch- New York 1947) It was correct because Mr. Nuta was born in 1903 and went to the Military Service from  1923 to 1926; in the same year he moved to Argentina. He was the only Rabbi he knew. Ana Nuta’s father Maier Nuta, put in the Book under his picture: “This is my Rebele from Ploinsk, the shtetele where I was born”

RABBI ISRAEL  BURENSTEIN, in “Sefer Plonsk” said that  he was a very famous Rabbi at his time, the author of the Book “Kerem Israel”. In the page 192 of the Safer Plonsk, announces the arrival of HaRav HaGaon Yisroel Bornsztajn in 1922 and served until the war and was taken by the nazis.

There were many more Rabbis, but Ana provides photos of only the last Rabbis of the 19th and 20thcentury.

Rabbi Yitzak Maier Taub (1914-1918)

Rabbi Israel Burenstein
From 1922 until World War II


Rabbi Yecheskel Tzvi Michelsohn 

1894-1922 as Rabbi of Plonsk 

Rabbi Itzaskel Shteinhois