Commission of the KKL before WWII in Plonsk. (Sefer Plonsk)


Hajsharáh Hashomer (Sefer Plonsk, page 310)

               Hashomer Haleumi in Plonsk-1929 (Sefer Plonsk-page 317)

Poeli Zion in Plonsk- 1906 (Sefer Plonsk, page 128)

Hashomer Hatzair from Plonsk. (Sefer Plonsk, page 291)


BenGurion in his visit to Plonsk with his friends in 1932 (SeferPlonsk pag.310)

Agudat Israel in Plonsk  (Sefer Plonsk, page 321)

Águdát Israel in Plonsk. (Sefer Plonsk , page 321) 
Ana Nuta’s aunt Dobtze Nuta (nee Rzezak) - from left to right she is
 standing in the last row, the second, and her sister Sara Rzezak the last row far left.

Group of friends in Plonsk. (Sefer Plonsk)

Hajshará from Jews orthodox in Plonsk  (Sefer Plonsk, page 311)

Group of friends from Plonsk. 1930-1933 (Sefer Plonsk, page 299)

Congress of Profesors from the Hashomer Haleumi (Sefer Plonsk, page 316)

Worker Party for Eretz Israel. 1931 (Sefer Plonsk, page 301)

Train Station from Plonsk (Sefer Plonsk)

          Hajshará from a group of Chalutzim to Palestine

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