Ana Raquel Nuta, Chana Rachel Nuta in Hebrew, achieved a great honor creating this website in memory of, and honoring, the Jewish families of Plonsk, Poland. She had one central idea at the beginning of this project… gathering all the names and information about Plonsk families that were sent to her . . . family by family. Ana put these together as this website: Old pictures from Plonsk, more of individuals murdered in the Shoáh, and pictures of their descendants. Ana wanted to carry out her duty, as said in the Partizaner Hymn: “Mir senen do,” “We are here”… with all our families … the Plonsker and their descendant are here ... and this webpage is for their history … for Plonsk and for all Jewish people in all the world. Ana honors them and preserves their memory and history for the world. "We are here."

Ana is extremely grateful, and thanks, all the Ponskers and their descendant for their warmest welcome and responses to all her requests …. she 'bothered' them with many emails and letters….and Ana gave her the best to each reply … with love, joy, and pride … thinking, and knowing, that Plonsk will forever, from generation to generation,  be a place in the world where the former inhabitants customs, tradition, and all their history, will be safe forever in our memory and in the memory of our children, grandchildren…..and keeping in the memory of all the world.

"Thanks very much to all who answered me….who sent me the names of their families, the pictures…and always with love…

I made it with love too…."   

Ana Raquel Nuta

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Ana Raquel Nuta and her son, Sergio Gerardo Weisstaub Nuta, visited Poland in April 2005. They visited to all Shtetls they could, including Plonsk, where there aren´t any Jews in residence. The pictures in this website were taken by them. Other images were taken from the” Sefer Plonsk”, printed in Israel in 1963; from  “Holocaust, A History” printed in Spain in 2004, by Deborah Dwork and Robert Jan van Pelt; “The Holocaust Chronicle” printed in Spain in 2002; “The Vanished World” printed in New York in 1947; and from Plonsker or their descendant who Ana R. Nuta knew from Argentina; or from all the reaserchers from Jewish Genealogy Family Finder who, looking for family membes from Plonsk, sent information to her; Information from the Encyclopedia Judaica, Weikipedia-the free encyclopedia- Poland; Books of Mundial History, books authored by David Ben Gurion, Chaim Weitzman, and different webpages.

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