Plonsk has signed twin-town cooperation contracts with six foreign towns:

1)      Ramat-Negev, Israel.
2)      Winschoten, Holland.
3)      Crepy-en Valoís, France.
5)      Bakhchisaray, Ukraine (the Crimea)
6)      Saléininkai, Lithuania
-)      Mosciano, Italy (Cooperation contract pending)
Plonsk can boast of its title “PEACE MESSENGER CITY.” The main criterion for granting this title is its contribution to the building of culture, peace and tolerance. Officially, Plonsk became a full member of the International Association of Peace Messenger Cities during the General Assembly Held in Abidjan (East Africa) in September of 1997. Since 2004 it has been a member of the Executive Committe of this organization. A significant result of the project was very important: The first signed agreement with Ramat-Negev Distrit, in Israel, in February 6, 1997, and alliance of Twin Towns.


In February 6, 1997 Plonsk and Ramat-Negev District in Israel signed the declaration of contracting “ an alliance of twin-towns.”

In 2004, Plonsk co-operation and negotiation began with the Ramat-Negev District for implementing a joint project for the construction of the David Ben Gurion Museum - founder of Israel -  in Plonsk. Ben Gurion was born and lived his first 20 years in the Plonsk Shtetl, and spent the last 20 years of his life in Ramat-Negev District.  During the preparation for this project,  many meetings were held in Plonsk and Ramat-Negev. On October 1, 2004, a joint promotion of the information brochure of the construction of the Ben Gurion Museum 1 was held in Plonsk.

In December of 2004, the town’s deputy mayor participated in the Tel Aviv celebration of the millenium anniversary of theJewish settlement in Polish land and the 750 anniversary of the settlement of the Jewish community in Kraków.

Each year, Plonsk has as guests a group of young people from Ramat-Negev, who visit the places connected with the history of Jews in Plonsk and meet youth from secondary schools of Plonsk.

In 2006, Plonsk was visited by two groups of soldiers from the Israelí army.

The co-operation with Ramat-Negev resulted in visits of the following personalities in Plonsk:

Sheváh Weiss (3 visits) – former Israelí ambassador to Poland;

David Peleg – present Israelí ambassador to Poland;

Shimon Peres – present Israelí President (2 visits);

Prof.Yehuda Grados and Eldan Sharon  - friends of David Ben Gurion.

The Plonsk mayor received an invitation to participate in celebrations of the 60th anniversary of the foundation of Israel in March 2008.



On April 25, 2001, a contract of co-operation was signed between Plonsk and Winschoten “Regiegroup.”  Within its works, joint projects of co-operation among schools, culture institutions, libraries, entrepreneurs, local goverments, etc.  The preparation of an interactive website of Plonsk  - Winschoten is under process. As part of this co-operation, secondary school students from Plonsk and Winschoten are exchanged each year.

In 2004, the Dutch library donated about 2,000 books in German and English to the Municipal Public Library in Plonsk. The libraries exchange their experiences. They have also received 17 computers, resulting in the opening of a computer lab in Primary School N° 2.

The self-govermment authorities of Plonsk and Winschoten inspire mutual co-operation between fire brigade units. In September of 2004, Dutch fire-fighters gave Plonsk equipment; and in October, Dutch fire-fighters visited Plonsk.

Initiatives are taken to establish co-operation between Plonsk Business Chamber and institution associating entrepreneurs from Winschoten Commune.  This co-operation is aimed at making use of Dutch Experiences in the field of the E.U. law concerning running businesses. In connection to this initiative, in August of 2004, Plonsk had as guests a group of Dutch specialists who presented possibilities for co-operation in this field.

Since 2004, Plonsk sports people have been participating in the international RUN organised in September in Winschoten.  Within cultural co-operation, groups from Winschoten take part in the European Brass Bands Parade organised in Plonsk. Children from “Nutka” Music and Dance School in Plonsk gave performances in Winschoten.

The self government authorities of Plonsk and Winschoten exchange their experiences in the field of leveraging E.U. funds.  Future plans include a joint project “Plonsk- a town of roses,” for the implementation of towns wanting E.U. subsidies.



On May 19,2002, the “twin town” agreement was signed with Crepy-en –Valois in France.

In May of 2004, a delegation from France participated in the Convention of Twin Towns in Plonsk.

In 2006, representatives of Plonsk participated in celebrations of the millennial anniversary of the existence of Saint-Arnouil Abbey in Crepy-en-Valois, France.

Within economic co-operation, an address base has been prepared for companies from Plonsk and Crepy that would like to establish co-operation.



On June 11, 2002- the twin towns agreement was signed with Cakovec, Croatia.

The towns conduct first of all to cultural co-operation between orchestras, majorette groups and folklore groups that participate in festivals organised in Plonsk and ´Cakovec.



On September 18, 2002, the “twin town” agreement was signed with Salcininkai, Lithuania.

In 2006, Plonsk had as guest a group of young people from Salcininkai.  Working groups started an organization for programs of exchanging middle school youth from Salcininkai and Plonsk within the EU program “Youth."



On March 4, 2004, the “twin town” agreement was signed with Bakhchisaray, Ukraine/the Crimea.

In  2004, within the scope of the support agreement for the development of territorial self-government, the employees of the Town Office in Plonsk, prepared for their Ukrainan partner a study on self-govermment reform in Poland using the example of Plonsk. The study was published by the “Wschód” Democratic Association, (the publication was financed by PAUCI).

The Ukraine partner took the initiative for exchanging young people during holidays.

In May of 2006, a music dance group participated in the Twin Towns Culture Festival organizated by Plonsk.



An intention letter for establishing co-operation between Plonsk and the Italian town of Mosciano was signed in April of 2007. This co-operation has been initiated thanks to the participation of the youth Brass Band in the Brass Band Festival in Mosciano (Which began in 2004).


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