The Jewish Cemetery in Plonsk Shtetl was established in the 18th century. It is easily reached by turning directly from the public road. Access is open to all: No wall, no gates or fence surrounds. The size before the WWII was approximate 3.30 hectares, and now is 0.50 if at all.

The cemetery was vandalized by the nazis during the WWII. There were no mass graves. Only three tombstone (Matzeivot) remain as the reader can see in the pictures above. They are a symbol memorializing those who perished throughout history. The cemetery contains a special little Monument in honor the Jewish residents who perished during the Plonsk Holocaust, 1939-1945. Private visitors and local residents occasionally visit it. In 1984 local authorities restored the cementery. They cleaned and cleared the cemetery which is located on Warszawska Street. The city authorities authorize the cemetery to be used for industrial and commercial purposes.

Cemetery monument

In memory of Plonskers who perished in the Holocaust during 1939-1945.

Pictures taken by Ana Nuta, May 2005


Winter view

Two views of the Plonsk cemetery, 2005

(Shown: Gerardo Weisstaub Nuta and the cemetery gardener).


The  Old cementery of Plonsk (Sefer Plonsk)


The Metzive of Moishe Ghershon. Photo was taked 1928 ( Sefer Plonsk)


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