All of the Memorials on this page are located in the Jewish Cemetery in Orhei

Holocaust Sign

This memorial is located just inside the cemetery entrance
Yiddish:  Our fellow townsmen the holy victims of the Shoah
Romanian:  Our Jewish landsmen victims of Fascism
Russian:  To our fellow-countrymen-Jews, victims of Fascism
Hebrew:  Magnified and Sanctified be His great name

Main Holocaust Memorial

This is the main Holocaust Memorial in the Jewish Cemetery of Orhei.  It has over 100 names inscribed on it.  All of the names have been entered into the cemetery information which has been put on JOWBR

Small Holocaust Memorial

This is a smaller Holocaust Memorial located in the Jewish Cemetery.  All names have been entered into the cemetery data on JOWBR

Cemetery Memorial Wall

This is a Memorial Wall but it may not be related to the Holocaust.  The wall was built in 1900 but it is not known when the inscriptions were made.  It is most likely a memorial for an event that occurred before the Holocaust.  Larger pictures of each section of the wall are located below.

Cemetery Wall Center

This is the center section of the Memorial Wall.
The translation reads
These are the names of the men who labored to build this fence in the year 5660 - Reb David Meymis, Reb Mordechai Man, Reb Yosef Vinicovitz, Reb Yosef Rochovner

Cemetery Wall Left

Cemetery Wall Right

This is the left portion of the Memorial Wall

This is the right portion of the Memorial Wall

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