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Welcome to Zhvil
50°36′ N, 27°37′ E
Новоград – Волинський

Alternative names:
Novohrad-Volyns'kyy [Ukr]; Novograd-Volynskiy [Rus];
Nowograd-Wolynsk [Pol]; Zviagel [Rus]

"Novogrod-Volynskiy" consists of three roots:
"Noviy" (new); "Grad" (town);
and "Volhynskiy" (of Volhyn).

– Alex Kopelberg, Israel

A Yiddishist at the YIVO Institute has established
that the correct Yiddish spelling and pronunciation
of Zhvil is Zvil. The "h" in Zhvil is a relic of the
Hebraic rendering and should appear after
the "i" and be silent.

The English transliteration is as follows:
Novogradvolynsk (Russian, pre-Revolution)
Novograd Volynskii (Russian, post-Revolution)
Novohrad Volyns'kyi (Ukrainian)
Zviahel' (Ukrainian; Yiddish source)
Zviagel' (15th c.)
V"zviagel' (13th c.)

– Professor Marc Greenberg

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