Nova Pryluka




Coordinates: 49˚ 23' N, 28˚ 43' E

36 miles S of Berdichev

Nearest large city: Kiev - 108 miles NE


Ukrainian: Нова Прилука. Russian: Прилука Новая.

Ukrainian:  Nova Pryluka   Russian:   Novaya Priluka

Not to be confused with Pryluky, Poltava gubernia


This website is dedicated to the families of Nova Pryluka, including that of my paternal grandfather Abraham Kessel>Kissilewsky>Kisilevskij, son of Ezra, son of Jacob Yankelovich.

Nova Pryluka, abutting Turbiv, in Vynnitska oblast/region, Ukraine today, was part of Berdichev administrative district/county, Kyev gubernia from 1845-1923. In 1897 there were 2,011 Jewish inhabitants and in 1926 there were 2,151.   The town is divided into Nova (New) and Starya (Old) Pryluka. 




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