Alaska Airlines and the Jews of Yemen
Despite enormous danger, 28 Alaska Airlines pilots made some 380 flights and airlifted 48,818 refugees to Israel

Alaska Jewish Museum in Anchorage

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Jewish photographer Ruth Gruber  in 1941 under Secretary of Interior Harold Ickes went to Alaska on a fact finding mission and took photos of the territory.  Later after the end of the war, she took pictures on the Exodus ship and raised awareness of the plight of the victims of the Nazis and their desperate journey to Palestine.

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Background Information

Prior to World War II there was an effort to allow European Jews the opportunity to imgrate to Alaska. The following series of fascinating articles appeared in the Anchorage Daily News on May 16 - 19, 1999 documenting that the forgotten story of Alaska's own confrontation with the Holocaust.

Series Title: Sanctuary: Alaska, the Nazis, and the Jews


Daily News reporter

Article 1: 'Beacon of Hope'

Article 2: 'Give us this chance'

Background: 'Salvation so close, yet mercy so far '

Article 3: 'Alaska wants no misfits'

Article 4: 'Are there no exceptions?'


Thanks to Niki McCurry of Fairbanks Alaska who brought this information to our attention.


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