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Title page of the Miskolc yizkor book

Miskolc és környéke mŕrtírkönyve: a szent gyülekezetek Hidasnémetitöl, Mezökövesdig és Ózdtól Szerencsig, the Miskolc yizkor book, was published by Rabbi Slomo Paszternak [Shlomo Pasternak] in Bnai Brak in 1970. An inner page contains its title translated into Hebrew: Kedoshei Miskolc ve-ha-seviva; ha-kehilot me-Hidasnemeti ad Mezokovesd u-me-Ozd ad Szerencs. In English, this may be rendered as "The Martyrs of Miskolc and Vicinity: Communities From Hidasnemeti to Mezokovesd and Ozd to Szerencs."

The more than 277-page yizkor book is largely in Hungarian, with some English and Hebrew. When viewed in 2003, the Library of Congress’s copy of the book (see below) contained a 38-page type-written insert in English, with three sections that were titled: "The Story of Our Community" (pp. 1-13), "The Jewish Temples in Miskolc" (pp. 14-24), and "The Schools in Miskolc" (pp. 25-38). On the last page of the insert was typed: "English by Leslie Weinert, November, 1969. " Although the insert apparently is a translation of chapters in the yizkor book, it is odd that the yizkor book was published in 1970 and the insert was dated the year before. Unfortunately, for reasons related to copyright, the insert cannot be reproduced on this website. However, a translation into English of the Table of Contents of the Miskolc yizkor book may be found here.

The Library of Congress copy may be accessed in the Jefferson or Adams Building General or Area Studies Reading Rooms; whether the insert found in 2003 still is available is not known. The New York Public Library’s copy of the book is held by the Jewish Division of the Library’s main branch on 42nd Street. Oddly, the Miskolc book is not included among the NYPL’s on-line digital reproductions of yizkor books. Other repositories that have copies of the Miskolc yizkor book include (but are not limited to): The Molly S. Fraiberg Judaica Collections at Florida Atlantic University (Boca Raton, FL); YIVO Institute for Jewish Research at the Center for Jewish History (New York, NY); Green Library at Stanford University (Palo Alto, CA); Yale University Library (New Haven, CT). Copies of the Miskolc yizkor book book occasionally have been available on the Internet's major auction site. A reproduction of the book may be purchased from the National Yiddish Book Center.

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