of Adolf Strausz (1868)

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Residence Certificate Issued to Adolf Strausz

Miskolc researcher Julie Kirsh has donated to our website a treasure from her family archive: the residence certificate issued to her great-grandfather Adolf Strausz in 1868, giving him permission to live in the city of Miskolc.

Sadly, no photograph of Adolf Strausz has survived --- only this certificate, which Adolf passed on to his son, Julie Kirsh's grandfather Sandor Strausz. To see photographs of the gravestone of Adolf and his wife Roza Adler in the Miskolc Jewish cemetery on Avas Hill, click here.

issue this document as a reminder that on the undermentioned year and day,
a meeting was held to settle the public affairs of the City.
Among them the petition of ADOLF STRAUSZ, a Jew,
which was read aloud for the Council.
[It is declared] that based on a report, there is nothing detrimental [or objectionable]
against the above mentioned ADOLF STRAUSZ.
Today accepted [elected] as a tax paying citizen.
Guaranteeing his rights [as a citizen] this sealed document is registered.
This sealed and registered document [is issued as proof] of his rights.
Issued on 2nd of November 1868, at the Council meeting.

Dioszeghy Gyorgy
Assistant Town Clerk

Meek Janos
Assistant Magistrate of the free city of Miskolc

Translator's Note: "Some of the words and expressions and their meanings in constitutional law, as used in the 19th century, have changed or disappeared. Hence, I have had difficulties in translation. However, the text is a near-perfect translation and the interpretation of the meaning and contents of the document is provided."

Credits: Text and page design copyrighted © 2008 by Helene Kenvin. Residence certificate copyrighted © 2008 by Julie Kirsh. Translation by Dr. Julius Fenyves. Page created by Helene Kenvin. All rights reserved.