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Views of the Reiner family memorial
1- Front of Dávid Reiner's gravestone
2- Bottom of front of Dávid Reiner's gravestone, with memorial to his wife Adél Friedmann
3- Back of Dávid Reiner's gravestone, memorializing other members of
his family who died in the Holocaust. For a close-up of this photograph, click here.

Dávid Reiner was the father of Bela Reiner, who was the stepfather of John J. Kovacs. Dávid and his wife Adél Friedmann had a furniture manufacturing and retail business in Miskolc. He died in 1928 and was buried in the Avas Hill cemetery [photo 1]. After World War II, his son Endre Reiner added inscriptions to this stone, to memorialize members of the family who had perished in the Holocaust.

At the bottom of Dávid Reiner’s headstone [photo 2 above] is a memorial to his wife Adél Friedmann, who was murdered in Auschwitz. John Kovacs wrote: "She walked with my half-brother István Reiner, age four, into the gas chambers in Auschwitz."

Photo 3 shows the back of Dávid Reiner’s headstone, with inscriptions memorializing other members of the Reiner family who perished in the Holocaust. The inscriptions begin: "Their family died as martyrs in 1944." Memorialized are: Dávid and Adél’s daughter Rosenfeld Jenőné, born Reiner Irén; their daughter-in-law Reiner Endréné, born Rosenfeld Magda [1914-1944]; their sons-in-law Reisman Sándor of Kisvárda and Hauer Gyula of Eger; their grandchildren: Reisman Ervin; Reiner Jánoska [János] [1936-1944] and Frigyeske [Frigyes] [1938-1944]; Reiner Istvánka [István] [1940-1944]. The inscriptions end: "To their memory."

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