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Front row from left: 2nd person, Geza [Weisz] Vermes (born Miskolc 1884); his wife Hermin "Gigi"
Vermes (born Miskolc 1893); Livia [Weisz] Vermes (born Miskolc 1911), Etu Vermes (born Miskolc 1897).
Second row [l-r]: 3rd person, Geza Kovács (born Miskolc 1908); his wife Anna Gluck (born Miskolc 1915); niece
Zsuzsa Kovács. Second row, from right to left: Laszlo Vermes (born Miskolc 1901), brother of Livia Vermes;
his wife Ilona Rohács; Elza (surname unknown), a cousin. Not everyone in the photograph can be identified.

This photograph was taken in Budapest in 1960, on the occasion of Livia Vermes' first trip back to
Hungary after World War II. For more information about the Weiss-Vermes family, click here.

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