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Gomori ancestors

(left to right) Ilona and Armin Gomori, and
the woman whom Armin married after Ilona's death.

Armin Gomori and his wife Ilona lived in Fuzesabony, a town in Heves county that is 29.5 miles southwest of Miskolc. The Gomoris were orthodox Jews. It is likely that their surname was Hungarianized from a more Jewish-sounding one, but it is not known what that was. In the All-Hungary Database, there are people whose names were changed to Gomori, some of whom previously had been surnamed Friedmann, Goldstein, Gunsberg, and Geiger.

Gomori siblings

(left to right) Elza, Sari, and Vali Gomori,
daughters of Ilona and Armin Gomori.

Armin and Ilona’s daughter Sari Gomori (mother of Miskolc researcher George Freund) was born in 1908. Sari was the second-youngest of her siblings. Some time after her birth, the family moved to Miskolc and it was there that Armin and Ilona’s youngest child, Vali, was born. Armin was the station master in Miskolc and was reassigned to different stations in the district. When he was debilitated by an accident, he went on pension and the family moved to Budapest.

railroad station

The Miskolc railroad station, where Armin Gomori was station master.

Sari Gomori married Emil Lorincz, who had been born Emil Lobl. Their son Gyorgy [George; Hebrew name: Gabriel ben Emanuel ha-Levy] was born in Budapest in 1936. Emil died in1937, when George was only eleven months old. In 1947, Sari married Leslie Freund, who was born in Abaujszanto (a town 23 miles east-northeast of Miskolc). The Freunds emigrated to Sydney, Australia in 1948. The rest of Sari’s siblings came to Australia after the Hungarian revolution in 1956.

Ilona's grave

Imre, Elza, Sari, Vali, and Piri at the grave of Ilona Gomori.

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